Letters: December 2005

Written Correspondences from Good Natured Gentlemen Who Have Read our Previous Installments and Wish to Comment on Some Aspects Thereof.

Dear Editors of Axes & Alleys,
I have several complaints concerning the movie Hackers. It is highly unrealistic that a character such as Cereal Killer, or Emanuel Goldstein, would have knowledge of First Corinthians 13:11. A Jewish Hacker, or Ordohinni, would probably have little understanding of the Christian writings of Saint Paul the Evangelist. This major error has ruined an otherwise enjoyable film.
Lucky Sturgeon
Himmotsburo, PD.
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Classified Advertisements November 2005

For Rent
Several “For Sale” signs in very poor condition. Some missing the “s.”
P.O. Box 34-3
New Island, OI

Left testicle. If found, please return to:
James Inchoate
c/o Alabama State Farming Cooperative
Mobile, AL 36612

Town Hall
Lower Grunding City Council Festival
Sub-Committee is having preliminary hearings on the reintroduction of the Bacon Festival.

For Sale
30 gallons of lake water. $50, non-negotiable. Noel’s boat house
Lake Murray right next
to the Free Plastic Bottle Depot.
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