Plugged In Online: As for Birdseye and Rosen; theirs is one publication that I would gladly take an axe to any day.

Not Even Wrong: It seems that the members of the Royal Tractor Repair and Maintenance Society of Outer Mongolia found the book quite confusing. I guess this is only fair, since I’ve always found them quite confusing…

Dan Dickinson: Must keep sense of humor…

Stephanie: This ad is from Axes and Alleys “The best in tractor repair and maintenace information”. Check out their official website, it’s full of great stuff fore everyone!

kate’s WORD of the day: I hope this ad isn’t real.

madhatteksdiggs: In just a few simple steps, you too can keep any number of intergalactic beasties out of the way.

Me Smash!: Here’s a fantastic article outlining how to avoid being abducted by aliens.

DealBreaker: Here’s how one guy describes the difference between a good grave digger and a jobber just trying to get by.

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