Evil Madlibs, Matrix Kittie, Sloth

In celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day we here at Axes & Alleys are bringing you a very special Three Links today. What’s that you say? None of the links have anything to do with the MLK? Maybe they aren’t so special, then…Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day!

Neo the cat is surrounded by Puppy Agents Smith!

If you don’t want to work hard at your next evil plan, try out this madlib evil plan generator.

One of our favourite animals gets its own poster. Have you seen his tie?

Nerdbots Stuff the Rock Vase with Maggot Cheese

Just so you know, I’m typing this without a shirt on. I think it’s real professional-like. I imagine that Bob Woodward did a lot of his writing without a shirt on. Hundreds of reporters across the country must write with their shirts off. A deadline’s a deadline.

Now for Three Links:

The Nerdbots remind me of the kind of things I made as a kid. Mine were better, though, because they usually had cricket pilots.

Casu marzu is a maggot cheese. Sure, Sardinia gave us sardines and those are damn tasty, but I’m going to pass on the cheese with maggots in it. I’ll give five bucks to the first person to link me to something grosser as judged by me. Keep in mind that I have a reputation for being hard to impress when it comes to depravity, debauchery, or disgustitude. Rude behaviour is more likely to upset me than photos of torn up dead bodies or the latest sexual fetish involving kebab skewers.

Ever want a nice flower vase with the Metallica logo on it? Maybe The Misfits are your bag instead. Either way, check out these rock vases.

The Fractal Bear, Jerboa, John Wilkes Booth

It’s barely Saturday morning, the snow has started, and it’s definitely time for Three Links.

Your cute for the day: long-eared jerboa.

Your weird for the day: the fractal teddy bear.

Your education today: did you know that before he assassinated Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth owned an oil company in western Pennsylvania? Read about the Dramatic Oil Company here.

Birds, Moons, and Screws

A late-Sunday Three Links for you today. In anticipation of my upcoming return to work, I present two things to look at and one very informative article on screws.

Probably a sight familiar to any New Yorker. Bird bullies. Of course we know the little guys sometimes win.

Fanciful photography from Russia: moons. I particularly enjoy the forest scene.

Finally, I found this exhaustive article on screw types. I don’t know about you, but I found it engrossing.