Sex, Bugs, and…Andy Rooney?

We’re a day away from the new year and all seems right with the world. War, poverty, and death are all in places where I can’t see them. Well, except the poverty, which still exists in a nation as rich as ours. I’m sorry, you were looking for sex, right? Or possibly Andy Rooney? On with Three Links!

Worried about what to say in the throes of passion with your anonymous New Year’s Eve sex partner tomorrow? Worry no more with this Things to Say During Sex flow chart.

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE bugs. If it’s got more than four legs, more than two eyes, and is ugly under magnification, I want to know about it. The Hellstrom Chronicle is a 1971 Academy Award Winning documentary warning about the dangers posed to humanity from arthropods. Don’t start watching this if you don’t want some interesting science, a good laugh, and lots of bugs.

You may remember Andy Rooney from his appearance in our History’s Top Curmudgeons article. You should check that out, but it’s not our third link for today. That honour goes to metal_floss and their Did Andy Rooney Really Say That? lunchtime quiz. I got 10 out of 15, how about you?