How to Impersonate Norman Chinsky of Great Neck, NY.

1. Wear a blue work shirt, khaki pants and old, beat up sneakers.
2. Accessorize with a fanny pack, a fake mustache and glasses.
3. Affect a nasal voice with slight sibilance.
4. Talk about auto parts a lot.
5. Make the “Okay” gesture with your thumb and fingers while you say “Gotcha there.”
6. Pretend to really enjoy saying the phrase “What do you think, file the pink. What do you do, staple the blue.”
7. Complain about Ted. Call Ted a moron.
8. Mention the NJ Nets and how great their next season will be.
9. Tell that story about the time you got a free Whopper because you were “persistent.”
10. Mention that “The clock’s still on the wall” every time someone checks the time. Snigger.