Volume 456-BR7 Issue 9


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Scientists at the Franco-American Theoretical Astronomical Studies Society (FATASS) recently published the first pictures of Saturn’s moon Titan. Titan is one of the largest bodies in our solar system and has a thick atmosphere which some scientists posit may be similar to Earth’s early atmosphere. As there are liquids on the surface of Titan some have even speculated that there may be exotic forms of life found on the icy moon.

But, the researchers point out, the most important thing found on Titan is rocks. As seen in the above picture, Titan is similar to Mars, the Moon and Venus, in that it has rocks.
“Truly ours is a solar system full of rocks” said Nicole Baugh, one of the graduate students helping study the exciting information on new rocks found in the solar system.
We at Axes & Alleys salute these bold scientists. With each discovery of new rocks on some planet, or whatnot, human knowledge grows. Rocks are cool.

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