Volume 456-BR7 Issue 14


Axes & Alleys: Left at the Orphanage of Utilitarianism

White Castle McDonald

Knuckles are an interesting concept. Did you know that everyone has thirty knuckles (that’s at a rate three per finger, five fingers per hand, two hands per person)? You can bend knuckles and you can crack knuckles. There are numerous ways to crack your knuckles and each produces a thoroughly woody, resonant sound.

Axes & Alleys have always supported knuckles and the West Dakota knuckle industry. Therefore we urge you to vote for J. Michael Borden in the upcoming Katharinetowne comptrollerial elections. He is the knuckle-friendly candidate. Prosperity and knuckles go together like Poe and macabre short stories.


Actress and singer Mandy Moore is a godsend to the starlet-starved nations of the Maghreb.

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