Volume 456-BR6 Issue 20

cover 4

Hello boys and girls, I am Supreme Allied Commander General Dwight David Eisenhower, but my friends call me “Ike.” For many years I have been a devoted reader of this fine magazine. Why, heck, during the planning stages of Operation Neptune, the Allied invasion of Normandy, I spent many a quiet evening delighting in the quality tractor repair and maintenance information contained in the pages of Axes & Alleys.

So, when my good friend and golfing partner Sir Lionel Buxton Humbridge asked me to write a few words for the introduction to the latest issue I jumped at the chance. How could I pass up actually being able to write something that would appear in what is undoubtedly my favorite magazine?

Many children today do not practice proper toothal maintenance, so I decided to take this time to stress to the children of the U.S.A. and Western Europe the importance of brushing every day.

Brushing every day is the best way to defeat the evil Communist menace that threatens the freedom of our nation. Flossing is the second-best way. So get in there and brush. And remember, loose lips sink ships. Tell them Ike sent you.

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