Volume 456-BR7 Issue 7


This Issue is Scratch and Sniff! (Czech Republic Edition Only)

The year 2004 A.D. has been remarkable. Throughout this year we have seen monumental changes in politics, religion, economics, and agricultural machinery. While there are many naysayers out there who fear these changes, we at Axes & Alleys welcome this new world and urge our readers to do likewise.

Sure, there have been many widespread rare isolated incidents of cyborg attacks on ordinary citizens, and of cyborg-controlled farm machinery running amuck, but these occurrences, while ever increasing in their frequency and deadliness, are generally on the decline. Truly there is nothing to fear from these fearsome human-computer hybrids and the destruction they bring. Many thought the light bulb would lead to moral decay, yet here we are living every hour under the illumination of these wondrous tungsten-filled orbs.

Without a doubt, the most exciting news of 2004 was the development and release of implant technology from Movable Type Printing, Axes & Alleys’ parent company. From now on, you good readers, need not be burdened with cumbersome pages, ink and covers. With just a quick bit of surgery you can now have a chip installed in your brain that will allow you to read Axes and Alleys online from the comfort of your own head. Just drop us a line if you’re interested.

Yeah, it sure has been an exciting year. Can’t wait to see what 2005 will bring our way.

Ta ta for now.
Delores R. Grunion


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