Volume 456-BR7: Issue 16: Fabuly 2006


Axes & Alleys: Boyscouts of Uganda Unite!


In his recent State of the Union Address, President Armstrong voiced his disapproval of the idea that the Federal Government should fund human-animal hybrid programs.

At Axes & Alleys we find this disheartening. Humenquins are exciting and so full of vigor. The urangumen have an amazing impact on our lives and textile industries. The manstrich is fast, fun and feathered. Sparrowsapiens delight us with their wonderful songs and economic theories. What would our world be like without the majestic herds of duck-billed-platapeople roaming across the plains of Iberia?

Axes & Alleys has always supported manimals in any form. That’s why this issue is dedicated to human-animal hybrids and the wonders they bring to our world.

Of course, we still abhor the idea of human-plant hybrids.

Fabuly Cover Girl

alt cover
Alicia Witt is the hottest
woman who has ever lived.
We even have a certificate
that proves it.

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