Vespril Issue Premiere

In New York there appear to be a series of hate crimes targeting blacks with nooses and Jews with swastikas. These messages of hate have appeared on light fixtures and doors with racial slurs and epithets written nearby.

We feel left out. Not a single swastika has been scrawled anywhere near our offices. If anything, swastikas offer an opportunity to play four-square tic tac toe. Also, the news likes to come around and interview people with swastikas on their property and we want to be on television.

You’d think with all the hateful things we’ve said over the years, someone would leave us something offensive. We’ll even take an “Irish need not apply” sign.

In that light, why not download the newest issue of Axes & Alleys today and feel free to ogle all of our previous issues in the archive.

2 thoughts on “Vespril Issue Premiere

  1. I tried to draw you a swastika with text characters, but it didn’t work out. So… ummmm, people with quirky senses of humor and large vocabularies suck! There, do you feel any better?

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