The Dawn of a New Age

This is the last Axes & Alleys interconnected network postism of the year 2005 (A.D. Neo-Gregorian). Owing to calendrical difficulties (specifically the fact that the calendar year is 365.25 days long), we at Axes & Alleys enjoy marking the New Year at each perihelion, hence we tend to ignore the January 1st nonsense.

For once though, we’ve decided to do something to celebrate the coming of 2006 in January. While previously issues have premiered on the 20th of each month, they will now debut on the 1st of each month.

Make sure you check out the site the first of each month for all new exciting Axes & Alleys issues. No more waiting till the 20th to find out what Montezuma has to say about dandruff or what that whacky Dave has gotten himself into this time.

Well, fancy that, you get to view all our new issues 20 days earlier. Just one of the many remarkable changes you’ll see over the next year.

But don’t worry, everything you love about Axes & Alleys will still be there. No matter what, we’ll still provide you with all the best in tractor repair and maintenance information. One hundred and three years going strong.

Axes & Alleys: America’s Favorite Tractor Magazine (Cenozoic Era).

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Delores Grunion

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