Justinuary Issue Premier

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As you’ll read in this month’s letters section, Paul David Hewson wrote in to ask us why we always hire celebrities to appear as our cover models. As he so rightly points out, some of the most attractive people happen to not be celebrities. Thanks for the suggestion Paul David Hewson. You are no doubt pleased to know that we’ve taken your advice.

This month we present our latest cover model, Irene Baras. Ms. Baras is a casual acquaintance of the Axes & Alleys editorial board. We’ve gotten to know her over the past four years, usually over beer, ground beef, pasta, flour tortillas and sundry other products common to the grocerial arts. You’ll no doubt agree she’s an attractive dame.

Now we would like everyone to offer a moment of silence in memory of the Scythians, who disappeared from this earth so many years ago. They are sorely missed and will live on in us through each passing generation (due to mitochondrial DNA).

Scythian Gold

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