The March of Progress: Tiberium 2007

electric telephone

In a stunning move that has generated a great deal of s0-called buzz, Nanasoft announced that they will be unveiling their new product; the eComm telephone, early next month. The eComm represents a revolution in cellular telephone technology and is expected to generate a high level of sales across the nation.

“What makes the eComm so exciting” said Nanasoft spokesperson Gina Forre, “is that is makes telephone calls. And that’s it. Raqther than doing ten things in a mediocre fashion, it just does one thing well.” While some tech experts were confused by the idea of a product built specifically to perform well in its intended function, many consumers are excited about the eComm’s touted use in sending and receiving clear voice communication.

“Such an amazing new idea” said talker Ben Jacobs “who would have thought that you could have a tool designed to execute a single tasks and do it well.”

If the eComm meets sales expectations, Nanasoft plans to launch its new line of non-obsolensense products by mid-2009. These devices, including cellular phones, music players and cameras are built using quality materials and workmanship, and designed to last for decades.

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