The March of Progress: Maine 2008

singing mule

Zurich, Switzerland, EU- Centuries of speculation and hope have finally led to trumumph for one dedicated team of bio-physicists at the ECIC. Despite the difficulties involved in the project, the team has proven that sometimes man can achieve the impossible.

Head researcher Lurig Goa said “Mankind’s victory in the war against God and Nature is now complete. We can create anything; truly man, through hubristic meddling in the natural order of the universe, has become the new God. This is Zeke the Yodeling Mule, our apotheosis.”

Unveiled to overwhelming applause, Zeke the Yodeling Mule stood atop a mule-sized platform at the Centre Scientifique and proceeded to yodel in a resounding manner. While no one has yet to perfect an actual yodeling mule, Zeke, the first successfully yodeling mule was described by yodeling expert Uf Tarmiksen as “competent at best.”

Whether Zeke the Yodeling Mule will help to usher in a new, more enlightening period of world-wide peace, understanding and glory has yet to be seen, but Dr. Goa was hopeful and stated “There is no problem we cannot solve, nothing we cannot create, nothing we cannot rule over; truly we are now as gods.”

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