How To Decorate for Mice

While it is often easy for anthropomorphic mice to find a dwelling within the walls of a human house, there can be difficulty for these creatures in obtaining furnishings for their new home. Surprisingly, human artifacts of appropriate size make the best furnishings.

Need somewhere to rest after a long day of cheese-gathering activities? A lovely and comfortable bed can be easily made from a sardine or anchovy tin. Make sure the key and lid are still attached though, so you can simply roll the cover back over yourself when you retire. This should basically approximate a bed with covers. You may also wish to have a dresser or chest of draws in the bedroom area. Empty match boxes, when stacked, make an excellent dresser for all your storage needs.

The living room area can also be easily decorated in this fashion. Spools of thread make absolutely wonderful chairs. Postage stamps are a great substitute for hung pictures on the wall. They’re just the right size for mice.

As for the kitchen, don’t worry as you shan’t need a kitchen. The human kitchen will provide you with all the cheese you need. Although beware that there is probably also an anthropomorphic cat guarding the humans’ abode. Don’t worry though, such cats are easily outsmarted in many comical ways, assuring you a plentiful supply of cheese.

Good luck with your new home, little mice.

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