H.G. Peterson: Extraordinary Poet

H.G. Peterson

The Sensuality of Pleasure and Pain

From kindergarten to the day I got my B.A.
Seventeen years I wasted away

Pay attention now, for the following is truthful
No thing I learned in school was useful

Algebra won’t come up in any situation
Forget that quadratic equation

Geometry is pointless and rather old-fangled
Too much time spent fondling triangles

In English class they forced us to read boorish old tales
Symbolic, boring, filled with white whales

History, for some reason, they felt we need to know
Drought, plague, the battle of so and so

Civics attempted to teach me voting makes the man
Now I get paid to clean up the can

Music was fine if you sat in good order
If you ever needed to play the recorder

I will be honest here and say that reading is nice
I’m homeless, hungry, covered in lice

Chem. taught some atrociously useful things for a class
Seeing some ions and finding their mass

Ever use the color wheel? I thought you would say not
Art class was also completely rot

In P.E. the only knowledge that I acquired
Be appropriately attired

Biology is hacking up bodies long deceased
Great for psychos from prison released

All those times I sat bored, dreaming of panties in school
I did not learn, I was a great fool
I should have cut the class and gone marauding instead
You just can’t keep knowledge when you’re dead

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