While I Was Flying a Kite on the Beach

by H.G. Peterson
(for President Roosevelt)
H.G. Peterson

Across this Earth there are a great many cultures and nations
From the richest country to those with lowest station
There are colonies, territories and even satellite states
But they all have in common, this of all their traits;

From Russia to Bulgaria to the Mongolian lands
And down to Mississippi and the Hawaiian sands
All the different lands have one thing in common
They all have comely women, with curvy little bottoms

But you see, it’s extraordinary beauty that I’m seekin’
And none can match the beauty of the lovely Puerto Rican
Her hair is long and raven-esque, her speech invigorating
Often to the thought of her, I am masturbating

With that dark skin and those lovely nipples shaded violet
And her tight, wet organs which are ready like an eyelet
I often dream of spending nights with curvy island mamas
Who are from Puerto Rico, which is right near the Bahamas

Her legs stuck in the air, she would moan all through the night
In wild Spanish words she would invoke the saints in her delight
All the balmy summer nights we would spend together
Adorned in fetish clothing made of imitation leather

Damn I love to fantasize about those Puerto Ricans
They are much sexier than all Kansas’s Topekans

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