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kathleen hanna

When you examine the facts completely, it is quite easy to see that indie rocker and Riot Grrl founder Kathleen Hanna hates America and supports terrorism. Why, these findings should be obvious to anyone who has done any research into Hanna’s personal life, beliefs, actions and statements. Time after time, the fierce and aggressive Hanna passionately calls for violence, murder and bloody revolution. Truly she is a terrifying menace.

Note the name of Hanna’s first band. It’s not Bikini Negotiate, it’s Bikini Kill, because she believes that killing through violence is the only means to achieve her goals. Of course, she has also acted as a guest for the band Atari Teenage Riot, while strangely never appearing on a single recording of rival band Atari Teenage Peaceful Gathering. Her writing even appeared in the Xerographic magazine Revolution Girl Style Now, the title of which suggests that Hanna supports the immediate overthrow of the lawfully elected United States Government, via a girl themed revolution.

Even Hanna’s musical lyrics show her violent and terroristic hatred of America. Of the terror attacks she states in Lil Red “You are not the victim, but you try to make it that way…All you do is destroy / All you do is f*ck up / All you ever do is take take” thus blaming the attacks not on the terrorists, but on America’s capitalism and foreign policy decisions. In Double Dare Ya, Hanna brazenly commands her elite Riot Grrl legions to take to the streets, perhaps in a riot, by stating “We want revolution…You’ve got no reason not to fight.”

Later on This is Not a Test she continues to threaten American society and lawful government with violence “You don’t make all the rules, yeah! / I know what I’m gonna fuckin do/ Me and my girlfriends gonna push on thru / We are gonna stomp on you, yeah!” It should be noted that many Riot Grrls wear large boots and could cause internal trauma or death via their stomping.

And let us not forget her most obvious anti-American manifesto, the aptly titled album Reject All American. In this most horrid attack, Hanna demands “loads of execution” and “more fear.” Fear, is of course, another word for terror. And yes, Hanna does demand that her brainwashed followers reject “All American,” likely including American made manufactured goods and sacred American institutions such as Democracy, Freedom and the Post Office.

While no Le Tigre lyrics specifically mention hatred of America, it’s probable that the name Le Tigre is a reference to General Yamashita Tomoyuki, the so-called “Tiger of Malaya” who committed numerous war crimes against Americans, including the infamous Bataan Death March. Only someone who vehemently hated America would want to honor this butcher and murderer by naming their band after him.

Why Kathleen Hanna has not been imprisoned and put on trial for treason is a mystery. All good Americans should call for Hanna and her Riot Grrl legions to be arrested immediately and their poorly Xeroxed zines and Emily the Strange paraphernalia confiscated as evidence.

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