Letters: August 2003

Written Correspondences from good natured gentlemen who have read our previous installments and wish to comment on some aspects thereof.

Cheerio Boys,

Just thought I’d nip a few lines in the post for you to tell you how much I enjoy celery. It’s so crunchy. Crunch crunch crunch.

Sincerely Yours,

G. Gordon Liddy

To the Editor:

Many in this readership will no doubt find these comments disturbing. My aim is not to offend, nor to enlighten, but rather to state my own thoughts and opinions about the way in which our world is changing. These are but one person’s opinions and in no way should they be perceived as indicative of the opinions of any group; scientists, atheists, or such. They are merely words, which in this time, should be said, must be said, and I shall say them. Hate them if you will, shrug them off, but they still must be put down. In troubling times, an apologist must make known his or her concepts, else debate and progress cannot be forged out of argument and stagnation.

The recent attacks levied on human cloning by some people who continue to uphold Medieval concepts of gods and devils, are unfounded and baseless, particularly when one scrutinizes these practitioners’ own supposed “holy” texts. According to the Book of Genesis, the first commandment which Elohim gave to humans was “be fruitful and multiply.” Closely associated with this command was the similar “subdue the earth and rule over it.” It would seem to me that there were no stipulations as to how this multiplication was to be achieved. Revolutionary scientists are enabling this multiplication, and are managing through modern techniques new and bold ways for humankind to subdue the natural world. To one free from the mental constraints of archaic thought, human cloning appears to work well within the guidelines of the Bible and with this god’s ineffable plan.

I would warn the Papists and other such anachronistic thinkers, that due to their lot’s Aristotelian views they went against much of modern scientific thought, condemning everything from the Heliocentric model, the germ theory of disease, evolutionary biology, and now, human cloning. In all previous cases, their attacks have been unwarranted and unvictorious. Now, they unsheathe their sabers again for a bit more rattling, and based on the evidence of the past, their gestures will be meaningless as always.

And as for this supposed human dignity, I would answer back that we are but one tiny little twig on the tree of life, descendants of primordial unicellular lifeforms, and perhaps ancestors of many more types of creatures not yet seen in this kaleidoscope of life.

An attack on human cloning is not an attack on a medical procedure, it is an all out assault on science. Unfortunately, these religions believe themselves to have truth behind them, and unfortunately, science cannot claim this same dogmatic truth. Science is not a faith, and rarely does it give us certainties, often its discoveries lead only to more questions, many of which show us how insignificant our little band of Homo Sapiens Sapiens is. And that is why they fear science. But, that is why science will triumph. For, in what claims in can make, it provides proof, something which religion has yet to grasp.

It is now the year 2003, despite the emotional hold-outs who disagree, we are living in the future. We must embrace the future, and not hold on to the past. Human cloning is the future and our world will change. Despite what the religious thinkers believe, you cannot fight change and you cannot stop it. Yesterday’s outrage, will become tomorrow’s acceptance as we move into the darkness and light of the wonderful and terrifying things our future holds for us. In a world of nuclear weapons, disappearing ice caps, halls rife with rumors of war, the cloning of humans is last worry any one of us should have. Best Wishes, as always.

Pope John Paul II Vatican City

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