H.G. Peterson: The World’s Greatest Poet

H.G. Peterson is the world’s greatest living poet. His work “The Fall of Prague” is the official poem of the NASCAR racing circuit.

“Tawdry Lemons Parked Inside”

On planet Earth you’ll find a teeming cornucopia
Stuff like bats, cars and trains, that Thomas Moore’s Utopia

Trees, dolphins, meringue pie. Tasty Bavarian nurses
The buildings, art, soda- oh yes, those poetic verses

Several ways these things will break. They you will never mend
Our little Sun’s nuclear cycle, someday comes to end

That shiny outer atmosphere will redden and expand
Our planet’s seas boiling, steam and death roam ‘cross the land

As for other inner planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars
Like the filth they are they’ll disappear in our closest star

Our lovely, blue, little planet that we have grown to trust
Will become just a bunch of flaming debris, ash and dust

Ev’rything we know and love will forever cease to be
Pyramids, Napoleon, the great game of Clue and bees

No record of your first kiss, no one to eat cold ice cream
The Universe will soon forget each last man named Kareem

Don’t fret and don’t worry, it’s all going to be all right
One day our world she’ll be destroyed by supernova light

Keep in your mind this fact, this truth, so that you’ll know it’s not
The end of this world of ours, when your parents find your pot

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